Restaurant S’Ollastu

The quality of the food and an attentive service has always held a place of honour in our philosophy of life and in our opinion, they represent an essential requirement to make any stay unforgettable. This belief has grown stronger over the years and today characterizes all activities related to the restaurant and the brand Ollastu.
Among them, a place of honour is reserved to the Restaurant S’Ollastu, set in a charming location under a picturesque series of thatched huts and overlooking one of the most fascinating and beautiful views of the island of Tavolara. Recognized and appreciated for many years by now, it represents one of the best destinations for lovers of good cuisine and for all those who want to experiment a high-level gastronomic experience. Under the care of our attentive Restaurant personnel, our Chef and the Head Pastry Chef Elena will guide you in an exquisite journey of flavours and emotions, to discover (or re-discover) the great classics of the sea cuisine together with delicious reinterpretations of the most popular expressions of Italian sweets.


A good day starts in the morning!
From 7.15 to 11.15 the Buffet is open to all Hotel guests, with a wide variety of rigorously homemade cakes, bread, cheeses and salads, along with many meat and egg dishes to satisfy the most varied tastes and start the day with pleasure and quality.

Pool Bar

For a cocktail by the pool or a nice cup of homemade ice cream and fresh fruit, an aperitif at sunset or a fresh salad at lunch, the Bar by the pool offers a continuous service throughout the day. Between 12.00 and 15.00 there is also a restaurant service, with warm first courses, grilled meat and fish served directly by the pool.

Homemade production

Every day in our pastry lab we bake the bread that is served in the Restaurant, focaccia bread, grissini, cookies and all the fresh pastries served at breakfast. Using only fresh and natural ingredients and a slow rising – over 24 hours – every day we make ciabatta bread, loafs, brioche bread, fluffy and tasty focaccia bread, to offer our customers the most natural flavour and a natural and light cuisine.
All the ice cream and fruit sorbets served in the Hotel are also homemade.
We only make them with fresh milk, eggs, fresh cream and natural ingredients of the highest quality (Bronte pistachio, dark Amedei chocolate, hazelnut of Piedmont, Bourbon vanilla pods, strictly seasonal fresh fruit), an ice cream for ice cream lovers, without colourings or artificial flavours, just like once in the best ice cream parlours.

Beach Bar & Bistrot

Open daily for lunch during the summer season, the “Chioschetto” offers a bar service and a small Restaurant service at the equipped beach of the Hotel. In addition to many refreshing drinks and a great variety of snacks, sandwiches and salads, it is possible to have lunch directly on the beach, enjoying some of the best seafood specialties, from the classic octopus and potato salad to spaghetti with clams or fried crispy calamari.
By reservation we also organize dinners and private events on the beach.

Restaurant La Corona

Direttamente su una delle più belle isole della Sardegna, quella di Tavolara, in un contesto unico nel suo genere nel cuore di uno dei più bei parchi marini del Mediterraneo vi aspetta il ristorante La Corona, un antico locale completamente rinnovato che dedica tutti i suoi sforzi per offrire la più genuina e gustosa cucina di mare.
Per maggiori informazioni e prenotazioni è possibile visitare il sito

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