Restaurant S’Ollastu

The quality of the food and an attentive service have always held a place of honour in our philosophy of life and in our opinion, they represent an essential requirement to make any stay unforgettable. This belief has grown stronger over the years and today characterizes all activities related to the restaurant and the brand Ollastu.
Among them, a place of honour is reserved to the Restaurant S’Ollastu, set in a charming location under a picturesque series of thatched huts and overlooking one of the most fascinating and beautiful views of the island of Tavolara. Recognized and appreciated for many years by now, it represents one of the best destinations for lovers of good cuisine and for all those who want to experiment a high-level gastronomic experience. Under the care of our attentive Restaurant personnel, our Chef and the Head Pastry Chef Elena will guide you in an exquisite journey of flavours and emotions, to discover (or re-discover) the great classics of the sea cuisine together with delicious reinterpretations of the most popular expressions of Italian sweets.


A good day starts in the morning!
From 7.15 to 11.15 the Buffet is open to all Hotel guests, with a wide variety of rigorously homemade cakes, bread, cheeses and salads, along with many meat and egg dishes to satisfy the most varied tastes and start the day with pleasure and quality.

Pool Bar

For a cocktail by the pool or a nice cup of homemade ice cream and fresh fruit, an aperitif at sunset or a fresh salad at lunch, the Bar by the pool offers a continuous service throughout the day. Between 12.00 and 15.00 there is also a restaurant service, with warm first courses, grilled meat and fish served directly by the pool.

Homemade Pastry Lab

The passion for quality has brought us in years to develop an efficient structure to support the production of fresh pastries, being aware that the making of a good dessert sometimes is wrongly thought of as a trivial task, while it is to be considered instead a fundamental complement to all fine dining.

Our pastry lab has thus specialized through the years in different branches, and not only supplies the breakfast buffet and the Restaurant of cakes and desserts, but is in charge also of all fresh bread and ice-cream making, and of special cakes and mignons ordered on request.

All the bread served daily at the Restaurant, loafs, focaccia, grissini, cookies, brioche bread and all cakes and pastries served daily for breakfast are baked every day using only fresh and natural ingredients, to offer our customers the most authentic flavour and a genuine and light cuisine.

All ice-creams and fruit sorbets served in the Hotel are also from our homemade production. We make them with just fresh milk, eggs, fresh cream and natural ingredients of the highest quality (Bronte pistachios, dark Amedei chocolate, hazelnut from Piedmont, Bourbon vanilla pods, seasonal fresh fruits): an ice cream for ice cream lovers, without colorings or artificial flavors, just like once in the best ice cream parlours.

For ceremonies and events arranged in our Hotel our pastry chefs are specialized in the making of fantastic cakes, both in a traditional or modern fashion, that can be realized on project or according to custom design, and in spectacular dessert buffets. The attention to details is our priority and is reflected in every choice: from selection of ingredients and combinations, to the art of plating, that has to satisfy both taste and eye.

Beach Bar & Bistrot

Open daily for lunch during the summer season, the “Chioschetto” offers a bar service and a small Restaurant service at the equipped beach of the Hotel. In addition to many refreshing drinks and a great variety of snacks, sandwiches and salads, it is possible to have lunch directly on the beach, enjoying some of the best seafood specialties, from the classic octopus and potato salad to spaghetti with clams or fried crispy calamari.
By reservation we also organize dinners and private events on the beach.

La Corona Restaurant

An historical venue located on Tavolara island, La Corona Restaurant & Lounge Bar has a unique position in front of the main beach of the island, thus representing a must-go stop for all visitors of the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara and Molara.

The restaurant’s kitchen proposed delicious Mediterranean specialties based on the fresh fishes available, such as the various compositions of raw seafoods, the catalan salads of red prawns and local spiny lobster, linguine with crab ragout, paccheri with seafood sauce, frying of small squids and fish soups, along with the freshly caught fishes of the day.

An high standard of quality is featured not just in the culinary value, but also in the attentive service, that makes this venue perfect also for private and exclusive events.

To reach the island and the Restaurant the Ollastu Hotel arranges daily transfers at lunchtime and for dinner.  Open every day for lunch from May to October, from June on also for dinner.  Reservation required.

Ask the Reception for more information about reservations and transfer hours, and visit also:

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